IKEA Systems

We are proud to offer custom made-to-order fronts that work seamlessly with three different IKEA systems: Sektion (for kitchens), PAX (for closets), and Godmorgon (for bathrooms). All our materials and styles are our own, but come predrilled for IKEA hardware, so that installation is as easy as possible.

All of our products, regardless of style (shaker or flat panel) or material (DIY, acrylic, wood, or textured melamine) are ¾” thick. All parts, including doors, drawers, toe kicks, deco strips, light valance, panels, filler pieces, spacers, appliance fillers and panels, glass doors, and custom parts are all ¾” thick.


We manufacture fronts for IKEA’s Sektion system, as well as panels, fillers, spacers, toe kicks, and trim pieces. We can also make custom parts, like an island side panel, or a door for a cabinet box you’re cutting down (for example changing a 12” box to a 9” box). Our minimum order for kitchens with custom parts is $750.

Our Sektion fronts are available in flat panel and shaker styles. All side panels will be manufactured as flat panels, due to warpage concerns, and are made slightly oversized to allow for scribing. We can manufacture some panels under 60” tall as shaker-style on request, though they may not be covered under warranty.

IKEA Sektion System Custom Fronts
IKEA PAX System Custom Fronts


Our PAX fronts are sized to sit 5/8″-3/4″ off the floor when the closet is installed to the floor, and cover the IKEA toe kick. For the 93.125″ tall PAX, our doors are 92.375″ tall, and for the 79.25” PAX, our doors are 78.5″ tall. Our PAX side panels are manufactured to the exact dimensions you’ll need. We can also make custom side panels for your PAX unit.

Please note, due to warpage concerns, PAX cabinet faces are only manufactured in flat panel, not shaker.


We make fronts and panels for the Godmorgon system, available in both flat panel and shaker styles. Our custom fronts will work seamlessly with the Godmorgon system, but our side panels will not work with an IKEA countertop.  The Godmorgon is designed to have exposed sides, so any side panels will not sit flush with the IKEA countertop. If you would like side panels, you will need to use a custom countertop.

Please note due to lack of demand, we do not make fronts for the Godmorgon high cabinets. If you’re interested in a front for a high cabinet, we can make a panel for you in the size you need, but will not pre-drill.

IKEA Godmorgon System Custom Fronts

Other Systems

We manufacture for the Akurum line on a case by case basis if you are local to Denver, CO. Because we do not have existing templates for Akurum, and Akurum went through a few revisions over the years, we will need to see your existing fronts in person to make sure we drill everything correctly. Because of that limitation, we are currently only offering this service to clients who can drop off their fronts at our Denver workshop.

If you have an Akurum kitchen and can drop off your old fronts at our workshop in Denver, please send an email request to great-service@store-staging.cb3mqf12-liquidwebsites.com with some photos of your kitchen.

Due to lack of demand, we currently do not offer custom doors for the Besta series. If you’d like to see that change, please let us know at great-service@store-staging.cb3mqf12-liquidwebsites.com.