Natural Wood Slab

Our flat panel natural wood veneer doors for IKEA cabinets are perfect for those who prefer a clean, sleek or modern design, but are versatile enough for traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. The unique appeal of hardwood is conveyed in the character of each piece, which manifests itself in attractive variations in grain, color, mineral deposits, knots, etc.

Natural wood provides a warm and inviting contrast in today’s stainless steel and glass dominated kitchens. Our natural wood doors are comprised of real wood veneer on an MDF panel with matching edge banding.

Lead Time
Shipping starts at 5 weeks

Grain Direction
Available in either vertical or horizontal grain matching. Horizontal grain matching is available up to 40″ high (due to the maximum size of sheet goods available).  Please note, our cover panels will arrive vertically grain matched.

Grain matching – we take great pride in taking the extra time to grain match our natural wood flat panel doors. When the grain of the wood flows naturally throughout your project it imparts a natural sense of harmony throughout your space. Please specify whether you would prefer vertical or horizontal grain matching.

Better with age – woods are  known for their natural warmth and beauty, but often overlooked is the natural patina they develop with age. It is not uncommon for woods to take on the characteristics of their environment, quietly emitting a proud sense of history and character gently contributing to the overall warmth and peace of your space.