Solid Wood Shaker

One of the most popular kitchen door choices is the shaker style, which is characterized by a five-piece door with a recessed center panel. Our solid wood shaker doors are made out of solid wood.

Our solid wood shaker doors and drawer fronts for IKEA cabinets have 2.25″ wide rails/stiles and solid 3/8″ panels.

Please note 5″ drawers, toe kicks, deco strips, and panels will be manufactured flat panel style, not shaker.

Lead Time

Shipping starts at 5 weeks


  • Versatility – our solid wood shaker doors are available in both rustic knotty wood species perfect for a cottage, chalet or mountain home as well as traditional and formal species perfect for more modern, transitional or traditional homes.
  • Better with age – woods are  known for their natural warmth and beauty, but often overlooked is the natural patina they develop with age. It is not uncommon for woods to take on the characteristics of their environment, quietly emitting a proud sense of history and character gently contributing to the overall warmth and peace of your space.